​ Top 2021 Trends in Home Design

​ Top 2021 Trends in Home Design

Last year we spent a lot of time at home due to the pandemic. It changed the way we live and our living spaces. Our homes have become multifunctional, and every nook and cranny is serving dual duty. Our kitchens are now our classrooms, our living rooms are our meeting rooms, and our offices are now our zoom stages. It’s not surprising that the design trends of 2021 will reflect our new lifestyles.

As we spend more time at home, we want our space to reflect who we are. The design trends of 2021 are incorporating a more comfortable vibe and showcasing our individuality. This year we will see more color in our spaces and pieces that give us a cozy feel.

More Livable Space

The new year will see some functionality combined with comfort. We will see durable fabrics and accents that feel familiar and evoke a strong sense of home. In 2021, as we head into our second year of quarantine, having space is a luxury. A simple design can make a room feel more comfortable and spacious. And if we can’t have more square footage, we can give the illusion of it.

Fun and Whimsical

During stressful times we want our homes to feel light and fun. This year we will see whimsical and bright pieces from artwork to stained glass lightbulbs to barn doors. Barn doors will continue to be a popular style that evokes farmhouse chic and familiarity. Barn doors are as playful as they are practical as they make excellent use of a small space.

Plants And Green Space

Having a green thumb will come in handy in 2021 as more plants will fill our houses. This return to the greenery will be a significant part of home decoration in 2021. Reminiscent of the 1970s, hanging planters will decorate our homes in a variety of colors and styles that will liven up our spaces. Plants help bridge the gap between the indoors and outdoors. They are a perfect addition to home decor and add a sense of calm that gives us peace of mind. Nature inside comes with the bonus of giving us natural air purifiers that can help us stay healthy.

True Blue

We will see more soft blues in the home this year. Blue is a calming color that reminds us of the sky and sea. Etsy shared that sky blue is their color of the year after the uptick in site searches. It’s clear that after a tough 2020, this shade gives us a serene feeling. This soft hue is a welcome trend, and we are ready for blue skies ahead.

Global Influence

Traveling is on hold for now, but we can still bring a sense of the international to our homes with global themes. This will be a big trend in 2021. We will see rattan furniture and wicker decor replacing darker pieces. Accent pieces from around the world will help us cope with the loss of travel and remind us of the beauty of this world.

As 2021 trends shape our homes, these styles reflect our hope and positivity for the new year.