A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Art Moderne

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Art Moderne

Jan 11th 2023

The Art Moderne, also called Streamline Moderne, is an architectural and interior design style that thrived between the 1930s and 1940s. The peak of this 20th-century design movement signaled the end of the Art Deco era, a design renowned for its numerous bright shades and ornate details. Art Moderne is one of the most influential design styles that signified an exciting future after the Great Depression.

This interior design style focuses on simple aerodynamic shapes and patterns. It also uniquely features geometric patterns, iconic retro curves, angled shapes, straight lines, and nautical finishes. Here is an overview of how we can achieve the Art Moderne design style in our home.

Incorporate Retro Curves

The Art Moderne style uniquely features smooth retro curves as it primarily draws inspiration from aerodynamic designs. Sleek and streamlined shapes are often linked to travel and speed. Plenty of Art Moderne-inspired vehicles and aircrafts are associated with this distinctive design.

We can take numerous approaches to incorporate sleek curves into our living space. Finding curved pieces of art and furniture is one of the easiest ways to create an Art Moderne-inspired home. The curved home inclusions need to stand out and act as the room’s focal point.

For instance, we can pair a round coffee table with a curved armchair or settee. To achieve the genuine Streamline Moderne touch, consider adding round mirrors or curved floor lamps to your living space.

Bring in Delicate Shades

Unlike Art Deco, its predecessor, the Streamline Moderne style doesn't use bright pops of color. It instead uses white as a focal palette while accentuating soft and delicate pastels. Art Moderne-inspired interiors seldom use dark colors. Pioneers of this design style used white or pastel-painted stucco on their walls.

In this contemporary setting, you can choose from various off-white shades with mild pops of paste to add panache to your space. Finding the perfect color combination can be tricky, but following the color wheel's basic principles can help simplify the process. Pale blues, greens, and pinks are excellent pastel options to accent our off-white walls.

Include Glass Bricks

The Art Moderne design style embraces minimalistic effects and nautical themes by using reflective materials and various textures. Glass bricks are one of the most iconic features of the Streamline Moderne era. The glass blocks are an architectural marvel available in different colors, textures, forms, and sizes.

You can find these glass blocks in sliding barn doors that are an excellent alternative to conventional swinging doors. Glass barn doors allow us to separate different living spaces while saving on space and keeping the floor plan open and appealing. The glass blocks are more robust than traditional glass panes while allowing penetration by natural light to brighten up rooms.

Choose Barndoorz

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