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Asian Zen design is an interior design theme that focuses on finding serenity, harmony, simplicity, and balance in your home. The design concept draws inspiration from the idea of Zen seen amongst Asian homes. Zen describes a state of self-awareness about one’s place in the world and inner peace. You can easily incorporate this unique interior design style when remodeling your home by following these essential design tips.Pick a Palette The… Read more
They say style works in cycles — what was old becomes new again — and though that's usually said about fashion and clothing, we've found the saying has proven to be true in the home decor and interior design industry, too. Industrial design is coming back, and this growing trend could be just what you're looking for as you take on your latest design and renovation endeavors.What is industrial interior design? Just as its name implies, indus… Read more
What is Boho Farmhouse Design? In the last few years, farmhouse design gained popularity for its comfortable, simple look and natural elements like plants and exposed wood. The style gives off a relaxed vibe that feels like a farmhouse in the country. Recently there is a new variation of farmhouse style called boho farmhouse. Traditional farmhouse design incorporates a mix of neutral colors and soft fabrics but when creating a boho f… Read more
If you’ve ever found yourself appreciating the “lived-in look” you see in magazines or friends’ houses, then you may appreciate the shabby chic interior design style. This style creates comforting spaces filled with a sense of history. They feature furniture and decorations that have a patina of age and airy spaces filled with light. Exposed beams, bricks, and wood flooring are all welcome. Unlike modern design styles that have sharp, ge… Read more

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