A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Cottage Style

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Cottage Style

Jun 21st 2022

The cottage design style is a popular home type renowned for its simplicity and charm. This refreshingly unique décor style is commonplace in homes found by the lake, countryside, and mountains. The cozy cottage theme features fresh colors, comfy furnishings, and natural elements. There are various ways we can approach this interior design style to accomplish a sweet and unpretentious living space. Here is how to recreate a cottage-style interior that reflects your lifestyle and taste.


The cottage color palette is often light and bright. We can pick soft natural colors like cream, white, green, blue, beige, coral, and yellow to achieve the cottage design style airiness. The light colors help reflect and distribute the natural light into your room.

We can use different natural hues to add a splash of color while maintaining the space’s lightness. The hues also form the perfect neutral background to complement your plush textile and sturdy furniture. Cherry red and sunflower yellow colors are great options when we want to highlight specific pieces or patterned decorations.


The cottage design style is characterized by natural furnishings that showcase durability and comfort. Warm and blonde-hued wooden tables or chairs are a cornerstone of cottage dining spaces. Dressers, cabinets, and sideboards made of distressed wood are excellent additions.

Wrought iron and wicker furniture are great inclusions that bring a casual impression to your living space. Pairing them with comfy upholstery, soft chenille blankets, and throw pillows helps impart a cozy impression. To enhance practicality, we can use rugged slipcovers that are economical and easy to remove for cleaning.

When opting for second-hand furniture, you need to assess its overall quality and durability. Using fabric and paint, you can repair minor imperfections and impart a personal touch.

Fabric and Textiles

Try to pick simple materials with a decorative suave for your cottage design style home. Linen or cotton textiles are excellent for upholstery, curtains, covers, and bedsheets. Simple fabrics with neutral palettes can help you achieve a subtle cottage-style interior characteristic.

We can opt for traditional designs like ticking stripes, checks, gingham, florals, plaids, and toile to bring some personality to your home. To find the perfect combination of patterns, try varying the size of the designs while preserving a consistent color scheme. Thick lacy edges, embroidered eyelets, swoop stitching, ruffles, and cozy quilts are great options.

Lighting and Fixtures

Proper lighting can help your cottage design style home feel open and spacious. Appropriate window treatments and designs are crucial to helping you optimize the entry of natural light. Sideways slats and white painted shutters are great options when we’re going for a beach-themed cottage.

Rustic or countryside interiors go well with lacy white or sheer curtains. Dark metal pendant lights or lamps with stained glass shades are excellent lighting fixtures for cottage dining areas.

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