A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Maximalist Design Style

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Maximalist Design Style

Aug 23rd 2022

The maximalist design style involves embracing excesses and doing away with perfectionism. This home décor style focuses on adding recurrent patterns, maximizing colors, and incorporating unique pieces. Maximalism is not about stuffing your living space without any specific order. Here is a maximalist interior décor guide to help you find the perfect blend of patterns, objects, and colors.

Enrich Your Space With Color

Color forms the foundation of a home’s interior design style. Avoid adding too many conflicting colors that can end up visually overwhelming. You can start with a basic color scheme of neutrals like grey, beige, cream, or white. Afterward, pick a more vibrant palette that allows your personality to radiate.

Coloring your maximalist design style involves layering rich hues with darker tones. You can choose bold colors you love, such as pink, blue, orange, neon yellow, or green tones, as long as they complement each other. Try achieving harmony by balancing the shades and undertones in your living space.

Layer Textiles and Textures

You can bring maximalism into your space by layering different textiles and materials. Layering involves placing two or more fabrics of different materials to create an impressive contrast. For instance, jute and woolen rugs complement each other impeccably and are an excellent addition to your maximalist space.

You can add other textiles like pillows, blankets, tablecloths, and curtains to bring intrigue, detail, and warmth to your home. Instead of fabrics with a solid color scheme, go for plush pieces with vibrant patterns. The textured elements add dimension and blend with the background to complete your maximalist design style.

Set up a Floor to Ceiling Art Wall.

Displaying artistic wall pieces is a prominent maximalist design feature. You can make a statement by setting up a gallery wall that extends from your floor to the ceiling. As there aren’t any limitations, you can opt for a collection of pictures that elevate your living space. Find the perfect mixture of frame shapes, colors, and designs for your collage of images to create an intriguing wall.

The art piece can vary from family photos, paintings, portraits, drawings, and stylish prints. Choose an outstanding art piece as the focal point of your wall gallery and place other art forms around it to find cohesion. Don’t pay too much attention to symmetry. Instead, boldly place frames of varying sizes in different directions.

Showcase Your Collectibles

As an avid collector, you can use the maximalist design style to showcase items you love. Find a way to add souvenirs, books, trinkets, and statues in unique places to help them stick out. You can intentionally draw interest to these cherished pieces that convey meaning with proper placement.

You can display collectibles on open shelving instead of the conventional enclosed bookcase. Fixing a pair of ornate brackets can help secure your open shelving and add visual texture. The open shelving feature also makes your living space feel bigger.

Increase Your Floor Space With Barn Doors

Achieving a maximalist design-styled home can be tricky when you have limited space. You need ample room to integrate different textiles, textures, decorations, artwork, and cherished collectibles. Luckily, you can maximize your living space with the help of sliding barn doors.

Barn doors take up less floor space than traditional swinging doors, providing a functional solution for small living spaces. Check out the vast collection of stylish barn doors at BarnDoorz that can help you accomplish your home’s maximalist design style.