A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Southwestern Bohemian

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Southwestern Bohemian

May 18th 2022

The Southwestern Bohemian is an intriguing blend that samples and references various unique elements of the Southwestern and Bohemian interior design styles. This newer and trending style features earthy textiles, mixed-and-matched prints, and exquisitely carved wooden pieces. The Southwestern Boho design and décor is an excellent option for creating a lively yet tranquil and inviting living space. Here is further insight into finding the perfect blend of textures, colors, and accessories for a Southwestern Bohemian style home.

Pick a Color Palette

Notably, the Southwestern Boho color palette includes natural earthy and neutral tones of the Boho desert brown or beige and dusty pink. Inspired by the arid American Southwest landscape, these warm hues bring a warm and relaxing ambiance. You can include more lively shades like cactus and sage greens, sunflower and cornmeal yellows, or brick and mahogany reds to showcase nature's full splendor.

Play With Fabrics, Patterns, and Texture

With our subtle earthy backdrop in place, we can creatively mix and match different fabrics and patterns to your Southwestern Boho. You can go for deep brown, grey, and green Bohemian prints for base tones like sofas, rugs, and walls. Add several layers of differently styled floor rugs to make a bold statement. Hand-woven geometric-styled rugs can help add a sense of homeliness and comfort.

Beautiful Persian wall rugs or hanging blankets are also excellent additions. When choosing accessories like pillows and cushions, assess the predominant rug colors and choose an object with diverse hues. Consider using dyed textiles in the most frequented spaces to add a vintage look. The textures vary from comfy cowhide fabrics to thick wooly blankets to smooth leather covers.

Add Wood and Metal Furniture

Your Southwestern Bohemian living space demands locally sourced materials with nature as our inspiration. Raw or subtly stained wooden pieces of furniture are a popular highlight in this interior design. Cultural influences will dictate your design choice, varying from the minimalistic yet ruggedly appealing furniture to the more elegantly carved and decorated Goncalo Alves exotic pieces.

Consider adding Rich Cognac upholstery to complete the modern desert or cowboy style. The gorgeous aniline blend of gold and brown is visually lush and soft while acting as a sturdy top cover for your furniture. The raw or exposed furniture pair well with thick wrought iron additions like metal lighting fixtures, sturdy bed frames, and lustrous yet complex staircase railings.

Choose Decorative Pieces

The eclectic aspect of our Bohemian inspired home without widely sourced ornamental pieces. Adobe clay pottery is an attractive feature that captures the earthen element of the American Southwest. The pottery pieces can vary from a glazed walnut brown color bowl to a vibrant turquoise blue vase.

Hand-painted or Terracotta tiles impart a bold finish to fireplaces, baseboards, and kitchen floors. Pick some artwork to add more intrigue to your interior décors, like abstract prints, landscapes, and palm-tree motifs while avoiding typographical prints. Some succulents like potted cacti or palm trees are great additions to your chic desert interior.

Choose Barndoorz

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