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A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Boho Farmhouse

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Boho Farmhouse

Aug 17th 2021

What is Boho Farmhouse Design?

In the last few years, farmhouse design gained popularity for its comfortable, simple look and natural elements like plants and exposed wood. The style gives off a relaxed vibe that feels like a farmhouse in the country. Recently there is a new variation of farmhouse style called boho farmhouse.

Traditional farmhouse design incorporates a mix of neutral colors and soft fabrics but when creating a boho farmhouse style, mix in plenty of bright colors and accent pieces to lighten up and give contrast.

The word boho comes from bohemian which is connected to the European old world Roma known as “gypsies.” The style is characterized by rich, velvety fabrics and vibrant contrasting color combinations that excite the eyes. Finding ways to combine the soft subtleness of farmhouse with the energy of boho is a great way to decorate and let the styles blend.

The key is mixing personal touches and eclectic pieces, bringing a more eccentric appeal to the beloved farmhouse style. We get that same laid-back style with more personal touches, more vivid color, and whimsical decor.

How to Create a Boho Farmhouse Design

A few main things set boho style apart from the others—for example, patterns, fabrics, natural wood, bright rugs, and lots of plants. Taking the traditional American farmhouse style for a ride to the wild side with bohemian influences shouldn’t break the bank. Affordable, stylish pieces are all around. Check second-hand stores, Etsy, vintage shops, eBay, and even yard sales. A few key elements can create that bohemian energy and stress-free vibe.

Features of Boho Farmhouse

Patterns and Texture

Look for pieces with funky patterns and geometric designs; think Aztec prints and big blocks of color. Texture is important, too; it brings the design alive. Use soft overstuffed pillows, thick woven throw blankets, or beaded accent pieces. Leather couches with unfinished wood tables or exposed wood beams create a contrast that works together. The boho style is a combination of a few different elements without one taking over, so keep the decoration balanced without letting one element overpower the other. It’s about finding balance and letting different pieces shine.

Woods and Wicker

The traditional bohemian design incorporates rustic pieces made from wood, bamboo, and wicker. Look for woven baskets to use as wall decoration or even lampshades. Add bamboo pieces to give a tropical flair. Wicker and rattan tease back to a 70s retro vibe. Barn doors are a fun and functional accent. Get creative and find new ways to use old pieces. Using natural materials lets a little bit of nature into the home in an artsy way.

Eclectic Pieces

Adding eclectic pieces means bringing together a mix and match of art, design, culture, ages, and everything in between. Think blue glass jars or red clay pottery, carved wooden masks, even macrame wall hangings. Select pieces that stand out and that have some meaning. Maybe a fun sculpture or painting from a long ago vacation or a decorative vase from the local thrift shop. Cruise the local thrift and vintage stores to see what treasures are waiting to be discovered. Or check out local artists, support the community by investing in original pieces. Mix color, texture, fabric, and style to create a new look that sets the place apart. Eclectic is a mix of everything that, when combined, creates a whole new feel.

Soft Colorful Rugs

While the traditional farmhouse look favors hardwood floors, a boho farmhouse needs thick, soft, colorful rugs. They bring together the room and create an inviting feel to any space. Use rugs in the living room, dining room, and even in the kitchen. A long colorful runner in the entryway adds a sophisticated touch to any home. Or go the Eastern European style and use rugs on the walls as wall decor. The possibilities are endless.

Get Green

Don’t forget to go green. Both farmhouse style and bohemian design thrive on plants. Add fresh foliage to the space with hanging planters or floor pots, or both. Use big leafy tropical plants or versatile spider plants, or any plants that make the space feel vibrant. Create a lush, peaceful environment with greenery that oozes a calming sense of style. In addition to adding some natural elements, they also clean and purify the air.

The key to creating the perfect boho farmhouse decor is to experiment and get creative. Our homes are a reflection of us, so creating a space that showcases our uniqueness blending the best of funky bohemian style and the free farmhouse spirit, is an elegance all its own.

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