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A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Industrial

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Industrial

Sep 7th 2021

They say style works in cycles — what was old becomes new again — and though that's usually said about fashion and clothing, we've found the saying has proven to be true in the home decor and interior design industry, too. Industrial design is coming back, and this growing trend could be just what you're looking for as you take on your latest design and renovation endeavors.

What is industrial interior design?

Just as its name implies, industrial interior design takes its cues from warehouses and factories of the 19th and 20th centuries. Think brick, concrete, iron, steel, and more — materials intended to last for the long haul. With industrial interior design, elements that are usually hidden, like pipes, ducts, and bare bricks, are put on full display. Modern industrial design manages to be raw yet stylish, all while creating a space that's both practical and inviting.

Characteristics of the Industrial Design Trend

When one sets out to take on the task of transforming a space into an industrial design dream, there are a few specific characteristics we think you should keep in mind before you head to your favorite home improvement outlet.

Neutral Colors: It shouldn't come as a surprise that industrial interior design is marked by more neutral tones, as the warehouses and factories from which the trend derived weren't exactly splattered with bright yellow or turquoise paint. Gray, black, and white are usually the signature colors of industrial design. If accent colors are to be used, they should show up sparingly, although they can add pops of personality to the otherwise moody style.

Open Space: Typically, cluttered areas with tons of furniture or additional accessories aren't characteristic of spaces designed according to this trend. Since one of the main goals of industrial design is to emphasize building materials, it's best to keep the space clear and open so those things are easily visible. A few accessories here and there, like abstract art or fun pottery, can add unique and personal touches, but be careful they don't overshadow or interfere with the simple and open aesthetic characteristic of industrial design.

Exposed Materials: We mentioned the goal of industrial design is to emphasize building materials, but which ones are we referencing specifically? Manmade materials like steel and glass are popular choices in a space like this, and they usually show up in the form of furniture — bookshelves, coffee tables, and things like that. Distressed metal, wooden or concrete floors, stone countertops, steel or aluminum beams, and wood are also main characters in the world of industrial design.

Tips for Creating an Industrial-Inspired Space

Now that we've shared a bit about what key components make up the industrial design trend, it's time to share a few tips and tricks for pulling it off in your own space.

1.Check out antique stores. It's not unusual for secondhand stores or even estate sales to carry furniture and decorations that fit right into this design scheme, so make these vendors one of your first stops on your industrial endeavors. Look for items like wooden dressers, wire baskets, old lockers, or metal bookshelves; these pieces manage to be functional and practical while contributing to the look and feel you're going for.

2.Put out a few plants. Thanks to the exposed materials and moody color scheme, it's easy for the industrial space of your dreams to become more reminiscent of a dark, depressing dungeon. To keep that from happening, set out a few houseplants. These little green babies work wonders in freshening up the space while adding a pop of color that's bright enough to get rid of any gloominess but not so distracting that it pulls away from the neutral colors.

3.Browse a few barn doors. Though they're usually associated with farms and farmhouse style, we think adding a barn door can do just the trick if you're looking to add a few industrial touches to your space. There are plenty of these available here at BarnDoorz, but we think our Vertical Iron Plank Barn Door in particular makes a great choice for those who are diving into the world of factory-inspired interior designed. There are even multiple stain and paint options, too, so you can pick a barn door that matches the other pieces you've picked up for your place.

Now that you've got a better grasp of the basics of industrial interior design and a few new tips and tricks up your sleeve, it's time for the fun part — designing your space! Happy decorating!

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