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A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Modern Farmhouse

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Modern Farmhouse

May 5th 2021

Farmhouses have always been close to our hearts, with their mixture of coziness, rustic charm, and practicality. Simple lines, lots of light, and plenty of room for family togetherness are elements of traditional farmhouse design that hearkens back to earlier days. Modern farmhouse design uses the casual ease of the farmhouse of yesteryear and adds modern elements that bring refined elegance, balancing comfort with sophistication. Aim for a balance of beauty and practicality. Every aspect of the space should be functional but with the charm and comfort that makes a house a home.

Modern farmhouse design incorporates materials, textures, and colors in a similar way to Scandinavian design. Airy brightness and minimal clutter are a hallmark; everything in the home is functional yet beautiful. Natural light and textures work together for a bright, airy feeling to bring nature in and let your unique personality shine through. Modern farmhouse design encourages you to mix heirlooms, antiques, thrifted treasures, and artistic accents with sleek modern touches, making no two homes the same.

Natural textures are the way to go

Modern farmhouse decor uses texture and organic materials to make your home feel at one with nature. Wood is widely incorporated, from wide plank flooring to furniture pieces. Salvaged wood embellishments are a nice touch, such as using ladders for plants or hanging blankets. A modern farmhouse might include shiplap or beadboard in the kitchen or board and batten accent walls in the bedroom to evoke a country charm. Wooden accents add dimension and interest to a room; think around a fireplace, in a powder room, make a ceiling pop, or a beautiful headboard.

Fabrics and upholstery in the modern farmhouse should be natural and evoke breezy comfort. Linen, cotton, hemp, distressed leather, and jute are all used to lend texture and comfort. Area rugs break up vast expanses of floor and create spaces within a room for relaxing. Another cozy element to try is faux fur, such as a casual throw on an armchair or fluffy poufs for extra seating.

Decorating a modern farmhouse considers how to use everything in the home. Having scores of baskets around for the sake of country charm is not the look you're going for, but storing items in a beautiful basket and leaving it on display rather than shoved in a closet fits the aesthetic. Mixing antiques with new pieces creates a charming style that you can make all your own, but consider the function of each piece, so your design looks effortless instead of kitschy.

Sophistication is integral to modern farmhouse design, so blend country comfort with stone, industrial metals, marble, and iron in matte finishes for an offhand beauty. Stainless steel appliances, contemporary lighting, and sleek metal hardware on cabinets and drawers lend effortless prestige to your home.

Neutral colors take center stage in the farmhouse

Country decor used to feature bright colors and busy patterns, but modern farmhouse design has gone in another direction. Neutral palettes are the name of the game now. Shades of white, cream, taupe, and gray are popular choices. Bright white walls and strategically placed mirrors make your space look roomy and balance out farmhouse furniture's heavier feel. You don't need to worry that your home will be boring, though. Pops of color on accent pieces and fabrics tie your design together and add cheer without compromising the minimalistic vibe you're aiming for.

Modern farmhouse design demands plenty of light, so windows are often bare, bringing nature inside. Painting window frames a matte black accentuates the view and contrasts against neutral walls. If you need curtains for privacy, consider billowy sheers or natural fabrics like linen, bamboo, and silk. Light curtains in cream, white, or tan will still allow natural light to flow through while shielding you from the world.

Let barn doors add the finishing touch

Sliding barn doors blend flawlessly into the modern farmhouse aesthetic. The X Barn door is primed in white, so you can paint it to coordinate with your room. Choose whether you want a bright pop of color to match accessories or neutral to blend with your walls and floor. It's up to you, which is one of the best parts of the modern farmhouse. The X Barn door has several rustic hardware options to evoke feelings of early Americana. If you'd like to add a contemporary flair, the Lynnwood barn door has a diamond pattern to suit modern sensibilities. Add wrought iron hardware reminiscent of Colonial style, and voila! You have achieved the modern farmhouse marriage of old and new styles.

If you're ready to embrace the modern farmhouse design trend, let Barndoorz help. We offer personalized assistance through our website or by calling 713-400-6626. We'd love to help you find the perfect barn door for your farmhouse, so contact us today.

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