A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Modern Rustic

A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Modern Rustic

Mar 2nd 2022

Unique interior home designs are an excellent way to impart one’s personality into a living space. The modern rustic interior design style strives to find the perfect balance between rustic accents and modern amenities. By combining the two elements, we enjoy the convenience of present-day comforts with the naturally soothing rustic design. The calm and sumptuous layout also feels authentic, safe, and grounded. Here are a few tips on how to achieve a modern rustic look.

Embrace Natural Materials

Natural elements are a crucial feature of the modern rustic interior design. We can easily incorporate natural materials into our living space using stone and raw wood. Stone fireplaces and bare brick walls add a rough texture to the home’s interior. Weather-beaten or smooth wooden floors and exposed beams can add the countryside vibe and calmness.

Big windows are another key element that satisfies modern and rustic interior designs. They are common in modern homes as they let in plenty of natural light and fresh air from wind flow. Windows and skylights also contribute to the rustic charm by providing a great view of the outdoor world. For the doorways, consider adding sliding barn doors that are great at offering amazingly simplistic contrast to the neutral-colored walls.

Include Muted Color Schemes

A neutral color scheme is customary of the modern rustic living space rather than the bright and bold color scheme. The interior design style includes blends of earth tones like egg white, green leaf, brown solid, beige, shades of yellow, and cloudy gray sky. The muted color palette is intended to radiate a calming and welcoming feel instead of coming off as dull. The subdued color scheme further hopes to set up an outdoor vibe within one’s home.

We can liven up the color scheme using subtle pops of color like evergreen houseplants and colorful floral flowerpots. We can also use floral-themed table cloths, curtains, bedsheets, cushions, and throw pillows. Faux fur carpeting or synthetic rugs with animal prints can also add rustic patterns and textures. Neutral color walls and a simple or minimalistic backdrop of white, grey, or beige helps to organize these design ideas.

Use Cozy Natural Textiles

Our choice of linens and upholstery can further enhance the natural aspect of a modern rustic home. Materials like jute, hides, tatami, and sisal offer excellent natural textures that easily blend with the simple contemporary home. The textile choices usually lean toward solid colors instead of patterns.

The textured fabrics can go on armchairs, dining tables, rugs, floor mats, carpets, and cushions. Cowhides and sheepskin are popular choices since they are durable, cozy, and difficult to stain. The materials also bring authenticity, vigor, and character into a home’s interiors.

Pick Modern Furniture and Antique Decorations

A modern rustic home is incomplete without contemporary furniture. Finding the perfect mixture of natural materials and modern furniture helps create stunning living spaces. Modern rustic homes often have mid-century-inspired pieces that are beautifully designed. Consider adding pieces of furniture that are soft to the eye and avoid anything that feels too overwhelming. An excellent material match is a stunningly unadorned wood and leather furniture.

We can cover open shelving with line covers or add vintage breadboards to kitchen boards to impart a rustic accent. A uniform scheme between materials and colors helps us achieve proper cohesiveness. Minimize clutter by opting for pieces of furniture that are statement pieces.

Modern rustic living rooms are an excellent space for incorporating antique art and decorations. Adding personal souvenirs helps bring back beautiful memories and is a great conversation starter with guests. The blend between antique collections and modern touches helps spaces feel accommodating and lived in.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Stone fireplaces and candles are a creative and attractive way of lighting up a modern rustic interior. We can also add lighting fixtures with sculptural or contemporary quality to bring sophistication into a room. These include twinkling string lights, electric aromatherapy lamp heads, and hanging pendant lights.

The glossy metal and sleek glass lighting hardware offer a fantastic contrast to the naturally rough-cut wood pieces. Yellow lights add a cozy feel and create a delightfully comforting shadow effect. They end up converting an inexpensive room into a divine rustic home. The right kind of lighting can uplift one’s mood and enhance productivity.

Choose Barndoorz

Modern rustic combines the trending contemporary material with natural materials, muted colors, modern furniture, and proper lighting. Finding the perfect blend of these elements often rewards homeowners with a strikingly soothing result. Barn doors are a great stylish and minimalistic addition to modern rustic homes. At Barndoorz, we offer a diverse selection of rolling barn doors to complement your interior design choice. Check out our barn doors collection and find the perfect fit for your home.