Barn Door Product Spotlight: X Blackboard Barn Door + Vista Barn Door Pull Handle

Barn Door Product Spotlight: X Blackboard Barn Door + Vista Barn Door Pull Handle

There are countless decisions to make during the construction of a new home or the remodel of an old one. At Barndoorz, we aim to make at least one choice easier: choosing the right door. For homeowners seeking durable yet customizable options, the X Blackboard Barn Door is an ideal choice, especially when combined with the Vista Barn Door Pull Handle.

Barn Door Product Spotlight: The X Blackboard Barn Door

Our X Blackboard Barn Door is made of solid medium density fiberboard (MDF). Each of these rolling barn doors is 1 ½ inch thick. The combination of the thickness with the fiberboard material makes the doors heavy and sturdy, able to stand up to any damage.

The X Blackboard Barn Door is highly customizable. The MDF BarnCraft Collection features a white primer coating to which the buyer can apply their own choice of paint. As fashion experts like to say, everything goes with black, and that’s certainly true of our X Blackboard Barn Doors. We encourage our customers to use their imaginations in selecting the perfect paint color.

Hardware Product Spotlight: Vista Barn Door Pull Handle

The Vista Barn Door Pull Handle is wrought iron with a smooth black finish. Wrought iron is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, meaning these handles are designed to last. Still, even the best product needs occasional touch-up. If a bit of refurbishment is needed, the Vista Barn Door Handle can be treated with any exterior grade metal paint, such as Rustoleum or similar products.

Although a variety of pull handle styles are available, this product can also be purchased as a recess handle. As a pull handle, it is sold separately from our barn doors and rolling hardware kits. The classic wrought iron look of this barn door hardware fits well with many of our sliding doors. For homeowners seeking sturdy, long-lasting products, the Vista Barn Door Pull Handle pairs perfectly with the X Blackboard Barn Door.


Any barn door hardware can be installed on the X Blackboard Barn Door. However, customers intending to add handles or other hardware should be sure to pre-drill hardware holes, due to the hardness of the fiberboard material.

Always start by drilling a pilot hole to prevent chipping or other damage around the drill hole. The diameter of the hole will depend on the kind of hardware being installed. If you are installing a mounting bolt going all the way through the door, then the hole should be larger than the diameter of the bolt. For decorative door hardware, the pilot hole diameter should be smaller than the screw being used.

We recommend using the Slade bolt hardware, which provides superior strength and support. Slade hardware can support up to 220 pounds, making it perfect for heavy fiberboard barn doors.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this product spotlight. To see more of our products, check out our blog or any of the tabs on our website.