Door & Hardware Spotlight: Modern French 6 Lite Barn Door+ Gage Hardware Kit

Door & Hardware Spotlight: Modern French 6 Lite Barn Door+ Gage Hardware Kit

Oct 20th 2021

The Modern French 6 Lite Barn Door offers a contemporary twist on traditional farmhouse barn doors. The sleek design has six panes of 3/8 inch tempered glass with a black finish on the door frame.

The doors are designed only for sliding open and closed on interior doorways. Therefore, the door will not swing open, and you should not install it on exterior doorways.

Customize Your Modern Glass Barn Door

Choose between clear or cloud glass. Think about how you plan to use an interior room and whether you want to see in or prefer added privacy.

The door comes in four sizes:

  • 36x84 inches
  • 42x84 inches
  • 36x96 inches
  • 42x96 inches

Determine whether you want the door handle to be on the right or left of the door. If ordering a double door, you can choose placement on both the right and left.

You will also need a rail-based on the size of the doorway in your home. If your door is 24 to 36 inches wide, you need a 78 3/4-inch rail. If your doorway is 42 to 48 inches wide, you need a 100-inch rail.

You can upgrade to the soft-close option to avoid the door slamming when you close it. The soft close kit isn’t visible when you look at the door or rail. Instead, it offers a small catch that slows your door a few inches from the stopper to prevent any damage that slamming may cause.

The rail needs an installed header board for correct installation. This ensures the door sticks out far enough away from the doorway that it moves with ease. If you don’t have a header in your home, you order one that is painted white in four different sizes:

  • 1x4x80 inches
  • 1x8x80 inches
  • 1x4x80 inches
  • 1x8x80 inches

The Gage Hardware Kit

Installing your Modern French 6 Lite Barn Door is easy with the gage hardware kit and online PDF instructions. Each kit includes:

  • Rollers and stoppers
  • Rail with predrilled holes
  • Screws and nuts
  • Anti-jump disc
  • C-floor glider
  • Printed step-by-step instructions

Barn Door Installation Tips

The first step is installing the header board above your doorway. Align the board so that it extends further on the side of the doorway where the door slides to open. This ensures that the door opens completely and doesn’t block any portion of the doorway.

Install the header board into studs in your wall for the most secure results. Most of the time, you want this board three to four inches above the doorway. Measure your door and rail first to make sure you get the placement correct the first time.

Next, install the metal track using the included hardware. Make sure it is level with the top of the doorway, so your door doesn’t hang crooked. Finally, include the stoppers on each end of the rail.

If you purchased the soft close add-on for your sliding barn doors, install the kit along the back of the rail. Finally, fasten the rollers to the top edge of the door. Once you tighten all of the screws and bolts, hang your door on the rail and test it out. The door should glide smoothly along the track.