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No barn door is complete without an attractive door handle. The Gila Barn Door Pull Handle, one of eight high-quality design styles we offer at Barndoorz, is a robust yet elegant handle designed to fit all BarnCraft sliding doors. Once installed, it acts as an easy-open tool for moving the door along the rolling track.The Gila Style This rugged handle brings to mind Wild West adventures and stark Southwest landscapes, where desert plant… Read more
Mediterranean design has serious history to its name. First appearing in the United States in the early 1900s, Mediterranean Revival was the precursor to today's Mediterranean, with a lively heyday in the 1920s and 1930s. Revival style, which gave a nod to earlier styles like Spanish Colonial Revival and Mission Revival, mixed classic with modern, and luxury with rustic, and it did so in a way both elegant and every day. Modern Mediterra… Read more
Summer’s here, but things are looking pretty different this year. Amidst social distancing and self-quarantine, we’re looking for ways to have fun AND stay safe. We’ve come up with five creative and fun activities that you can try this summer.1. Get Outside and Have a Picnic Picnics are a peak summer fun, and a great way to scratch the eating-out itch without risking exposure. To build your own picnic basket (bag, cooler, etc.), you’ll n… Read more
Your home deserves attractive flooring fit for your needs. Whether you’ve recently purchased a sliding barn door or are contemplating the options, you may also consider upgrading your flooring at the same time. New flooring has high impact, with designs that take the floor space from bland and old-fashioned to modern and eye-catching. Read on for our guide to choosing the ideal flooring for your home. Identify Your Style To identi… Read more

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