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Your home deserves attractive flooring fit for your needs. Whether you’ve recently purchased a sliding barn door or are contemplating the options, you may also consider upgrading your flooring at the same time. New flooring has high impact, with designs that take the floor space from bland and old-fashioned to modern and eye-catching. Read on for our guide to choosing the ideal flooring for your home. Identify Your Style To identi… Read more
Tropical designs aren’t all tiki huts and pink flamingos. In fact, the best tropical spaces take their cue from the natural world, with a focus on relaxation, comfort, and a dash of fun. While tropical style is more modern, its parent design dates back to the 1800s. This was British Colonial style, where globetrotting adventurers invited light into their homes and filled them with exotic decor, tropical plants, and large design motifs. Today… Read more
Creating a successful work from home space comes with unique challenges. Of course, we want it to be aesthetically appealing. However, it must also be highly practical. Some important questions to consider include: Is it comfortable enough for working a full day? Does it have enough storage? Is it separate from the noise and activity of the rest of the home? Here are some easy tips and tricks that can help you address t… Read more
Much more than a modern buzzword, feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice for achieving wellness and balance throughout your living and working spaces. The philosophy focuses on you and your home environment, seeking to find equilibrium with the natural world. Feng shui follows a few key principles for reaching high-quality happiness and mindfulness, and it considers everything from wealth to romance to knowledge when presenting possible de… Read more

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