​ 3 Best Barn Doors for Your Next Remodel

​ 3 Best Barn Doors for Your Next Remodel

Oct 11th 2022

Home remodeling allows you to customize and improve your home’s interior design. This process requires careful planning to avoid picking a style that may lose favor in a few years. Simple interior decorative features like flooring and carpets are often easily replaceable.

However, integral structures such as doors need careful consideration since swapping them out after installation can be costly and difficult. Barn doors are a trendy home inclusion that has evolved over the years to fit several decorative styles. Here is further into a few sliding barn door styles that are an excellent fit for your home.

Rustic Style Barn Doors

A rustic home or farmhouse incorporates natural, rough, and organic features. This style creates a relaxing and welcoming ambiance using simplistic, natural raw elements. Some of the materials used to achieve a traditional rustic style include:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Burlap
  • Brick

Our rustic barn doors are an excellent addition to your farmhouse interior design. They feature a dense engineered core encased with wooden planks derived from Canadian pine. You can opt for an unfinished wood look that maintains the natural appeal expected in a rustic design.

The color palette includes neutral schemes of grays and browns that make your interior feel warm and cozy. Examples of the most popular rustic barn doors in this collection include:

Modern Style Barn Doors

The modern interior design style has become a popular alternative to the traditional style that relies on heavy layering, textures, and wood tones. Present-day designs embrace industrialization and the use of new materials such as engineered wood, plastic, glass, and metal. The goal is to achieve a balance between aesthetics and function. Other defining elements of a modern design include monochrome colors and clean lines.

Our modern barn doors can add a unique and cohesive touch to your modern home design. We have solid wood birch doors with minimalistic features that emphasize straight lines rather than curves. The Barndoorz modern style collection includes trendy designs like

You can use stainless steel and chrome hardware kit knobs to achieve a polished final look.

MDF Style Barn Doors

The medium-density fiberboard (MDF) barn door series features 1-⅛” and 1-½” thick barn doors fashioned from leftover wood scraps like planar shaving and sawdust. The result is a CARB-approved sturdy door available in a white primed smooth finish that you can customize with any paint color. Alternatively, pick one from the 19 textured colors of 3D laminates available at BarnDoorz.

Our BarnCraft MDF barn doors are an affordable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly alternative to conventional wooden doors. While most MDF barn doors aren’t prepped for hardware installation, we drill holes for inset vista handles at the back or front of the door. A few popular barn doors in this collection include

Choose Barndoorz

When remodeling your home, consider installing rolling barn doors that perfectly combine beauty and functionality. Whether you opt for a modern style or a rustic look, a barn door can help meet your specifications. Contact Barndoorz to help pick the right barn door for your home.