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Is your kitchen layout bringing you down? Are you certain you'll lose your mind if you have to stare at the wallpaper in your living room for just one more day? We understand. After a year spent mostly at home, it's not uncommon to experience cabin fever or to become bored with your surroundings. But how do you cope? You can't just pack up and move, can you? No, of course not — but you can remodel and redecorate. Or perhaps you're in the m… Read more
Staying at someone else’s home is often a slightly nerve-wracking experience, even if you’re close with them. When you’re staying at a friend’s, you don’t have the same familiarity with your surroundings as your hosts. So, when it’s your turn to host, it’s only polite to make sure your guests have all the comforts of home. Adding these none items to your guest room will keep your friends as relaxed as can be.1. A Comfortable, Inviting Bed It… Read more
Perhaps you’ve upgraded to a new barn door in your home over the holidays or maybe an upcoming remodel has you left with an extra barn door. Either way, if you have an old barn door that you don’t know what to do with, don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for you! Whether it’s old and weathered or relatively new but not your style, barn doors provide some great material for DIY projects. Keep reading to learn five surprising ways to repurpose a barn d… Read more
Art nouveau design style originated in Paris and London and had the most influence in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. As opposed to the more restrained design movements in the mid-19th century, art nouveau encourages decorative elements, even in the most unexpected places. The hallmarks of the art nouveau style include flowing lines and floral motifs that are inspired by nature. It is also characterized by an appreciation for hand-ma… Read more

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