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You’ve got the furniture, the cabinets, the barn doors, and the accessories all set for your room makeover. But there’s one thing left that can make or break your decor: curtains. Curtains aren't just a way to block out light. They add a certain presence to the room — setting the mood and complementing the architecture of your home. From breezy to elegant to ornamental, the possibilities are endless. To take some of the guesswork out… Read more
Choosing a cohesive color palette for a room’s décor is one of the best things you can do to upgrade your space. Read on for inspiration on how to find the perfect color palette for your room makeover.Start with Pieces You Already Have Your room likely comes with pieces that you would like to keep in your new design. For example, you may have wood floors that you don’t plan on re-staining any time soon. In this case, you should count the col… Read more
Few schools of design boast as committed of enthusiasts as mid-century modern. Featured prominent in movies, on TV, and in the hottest design magazines, this look isn't about to slow down. This approach to design originated — as its name suggests — shortly after World War II. At the time, however, it was simply thought of as modern style. The term 'mid-century modern' was not coined until the 1984 release of a Cara Greenberg bo… Read more
Everyone has a unique style, so there are many parts of the design process that are wide-open for your creative ideas. However, there are a few design mistakes that actually tend to get in the way of your own vision, leaving you frustrated. To avoid these mistakes, however, just takes a little planning and care! 1. Too much matching or too many patterns In a very all-or-nothing way, people sometimes choose an entire set of furniture i… Read more

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