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A well-designed home does not happen by accident. When building or remodeling, many turn to expensive experts. Yet, it can be accomplished with some planning and basic knowledge. There are two common and important interior design concepts to consider: proportion and scale.Difference Between Proportion and Scale These terms are not always well understood, but they can make all the difference in contributing to your home's warmth and appeal.… Read more
Sliding barn doors are an excellent way to add definition and style to a room, but how do you add these functional pieces of art to a modern space? With the clean lines, glass, and stainless steel found in the Beverly and the Metro. The Beverly Modern Barn Door Barn doors typically carry a vintage, rustic charm, but the Beverly combines all the elements of modern design. Simple, crisp lines, a clean face, natural materials, and a… Read more
The Bauhaus design style is named after the Bauhaus, an art and design school founded in the Weimar Republic (modern-day Germany) in 1919. The school itself only existed for a little over a decade, but its impacts have been felt in the interior design space for over a century. The design school encouraged students to treat functional items — from chairs to teapots — with the same care as fine art. In fact, Walter Gropius, the school’s founde… Read more
For many people, the kitchen is the hub and the heart of the home. During holidays, parties, and occasions, people tend to gather in the kitchen to chat. Whether you live alone or with a large family, organizing the kitchen can be one of the most significant home organization projects. A tidy kitchen makes life easier, and it also frees you up to have more time with loved ones. By taking a few simple steps, your kitchen can be ready for ef… Read more

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