The Modern French 3 Lite Barn Door features a flush glazed door with narrow aluminum stiles and rails, and a bottom solid flat steel panel creating a minimalist modern look. This door utilizes heavy 3/8" thick tempered safety glass, which is available in 2 different glass types: clear and cloud. Door is coated with a permanent black finish. The Modern 6 Lite French Barn Door comes with front handle attached to door that is made of anodized aluminum. Only the Gage or top mounted sliding hardware may be used with this door. The Modern French Barn Door is 1-3/16" thick. 


  • Available with Tempered cloud or clear glass
  • 3/8" thick solid flat steel panel 
  • Metal door stiles and rails are 1" wide and 1-3/16" thick
  • Front Handle included. Included handle measures 1" X 17-3/4" X 1-1/4". 

 *All doors in this series are available assembled only. FedEx Freight delivers curbside. Fully built doors arrive in large box. Customers are responsible for transporting the door package from delivery truck to location. 

 BarnCraft Barn Doors are meant to be used in a sliding function only, and in interior applications. 

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$1,150.00 - $1,300.00

Modern French 3 Lite Barn Door

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