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The concept of The Mudroom has been around since the American Colonial era. However, this utilitarian space was not called a “mudroom” until the mid 20th century. Following World War II, a desire to preserve the American values we diligently fought to protect emerged at the forefront of suburban architecture. The nostalgia of the “mudroom”, the area that passes between the garage and the home, became a standard in the Colonial revival of 1950’… Read more
Home designs reveal our passions. When you walk from room to room, happiness bursts forth because the design is you, and you are the design. One look at this V-patterned door and stylized fleur-de-lis handle reveals all of that emotion and more. Our barn door product spotlight duo is the perfect design personification of your artisan talents. It inspires you in your career and your hobbies, creating endless opportunities to put your arti… Read more
Last year we spent a lot of time at home due to the pandemic. It changed the way we live and our living spaces. Our homes have become multifunctional, and every nook and cranny is serving dual duty. Our kitchens are now our classrooms, our living rooms are our meeting rooms, and our offices are now our zoom stages. It’s not surprising that the design trends of 2021 will reflect our new lifestyles. As we spend more time at home, we want o… Read more
Artisan style shuns mass-produced decor in favor of handmade pieces that are one-of-a-kind. To fill your home with artisan pieces is to fill it with stories: the tale of Indian textile workers using centuries-old methods to weave colorful drapes. Or, the memory of visiting an artist’s loft in Soho and being captivated by a piece of pottery. Artisan Style Expresses Your Unique Vision Furnishings that are handmade by an artist express you… Read more

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